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Looking for professional Carpet Cleaning in Port Macquarie? Here at Port Crystal Cleaners we specialise in Carpet Cleaning in Port Macquarie. We also provide carpet cleaning and other services to Wauchope, Bonny Hills, Lake Cathie and All other Surrounding Suburbs. We endeavour to complete each and every job with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Carpet Cleaning Port Macquarie

Top Rated Carpet Cleaners Port Macquarie

Carpet Cleaning, Like any other industry is reliant on quality equipment and industry knowledge. This being said we have invested in a state of the art, Truck Mounted carpet cleaning machine.We use only the highest quality cleaning chemistry to ensure that every carpet, rug or lounge will be treated safely and correctly to get the best possible long term result. Daniel Styles ( One of our Owners / Main Carpet Cleaning Operator ) has been trained by Nation Training who is one of the industries best. This training along with 7 years hands on experience and a positive attitude allows us to deliver a premium result.

We do not drag old portable carpet cleaning equipment into your house and generate a large amount of noise inside. We also place corner protectors around your house to ensure that our hoses do not damage any walls.

Have to move furniture? No worries! We will gladly move your furnishing for you at no extra cost and we will ensure that they are coasted correctly to ensure that no damage is done to the carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning Procedure

Our Extensive Carpet Cleaning Procedure

First of all we thoroughly inspect the carpet to ensure that we are using the correct equipment and chemistry. This is the most important step. Most carpet cleaners won’t even test your carpet to see what they are cleaning! Some carpet fibers are very easily damaged by strong chemistry and the utmost care must be taken to avoid permanent damage. We also allow sufficient ventilation to assist the drying process.

Before anything is started, we vacuum the area with our specialised industrial vacuum which will remove as much dry soil as possible. We then proceed to spray carpet cleaning pre-spray & odour neutraliser throughout which is left on the surface for around 10 to 15 Minutes. While we are doing this we also treat any stains that may be on the carpet that the pre-spray may not remove.

Once this has been completed we then use our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to inject a special mixture of hot water and conditioning agents into the carpet, Extracting the dirt, Stains and pre-spray solution.

The special conditioning agent will allow the carpet to dry quicker, as well as leaving it cleaner and softer then ever before. Our special condition agent restores your carpet to the preferred PH level which is important for both carpet health and for limiting re-soiling. Once completed, you can expect the Carpets to be dry in around 2 to 5 hours depending on weather conditions, air flow, carpet type and a few other variables. All of our work is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods

Hot Water Extraction

Hot Water Extraction is our most commonly used Carpet Cleaning Method. Hot water extraction or ” Steam Cleaning ” as it is informally known as is the extraction of cleaning solution with hot water under pressure. Our State of the Art, Truck Mounted equipment is the best that money can buy for this form of cleaning.


Encapsulation or Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning as its commonly known as is fantastic for in-between routine carpet cleans of commercial jobs. A Chemical reaction caused by friction causes body fats, oils & other common soils to be crystallised. Once this chemical reaction has occurred the crystallised soil is removed via routine vacuuming. When used in conjunction with hot water extraction this method of carpet cleaning can provide outstanding results for stubborn, badly damaged carpet.

Rotary Hot Water Extraction

Rotary Hot Water Extraction is our most advanced and thorough carpet cleaning method. This is the same as our Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning method which is listed above. The difference is that we use our state of the art RX-20 Restoration tool instead of a standard wand. This tool cleans carpet from every angle while making up to 650 complete passes per minute. This process lifts old & flattened pile carpet, Removes even more soils from deep down in the carpet and truly restores your carpet back to pristine condition.

Quality Carpet Cleaning Port Macquarie

Quality Carpet Cleaning Doesn’t Cost More

Many other Carpet Cleaning companies in Port Macquarie will give you a quote, Then upon arrival charge extra for Basic Stain Removal & Carpet Deodorisation. We will provide this as a part of our carpet cleaning service at no cost to our clients. Our prices are GST Inclusive, with no hidden surprises at the end of the job!

We have the know how to easily remove everyday carpet stains, such as greasy food stains, spills & general soiling. However should you have a carpet stain that requires specialist treatment, Daniel our Owner and Operator is trained by Nation Training in Advanced Carpet Stain Removal. Colin Nation is renowned Australia wide for his chemistry knowledge and applications to safely treat and remove carpet staining.

Have you had a spill on your carpet? You are welcome to call or message us anytime to get professional carpet cleaning advice on how to treat the stain. Don’t trust google as it will assume the type of carpet that you have and the treatment may not necessarily suit your carpet type. Bleach, Bi-carbonate of soda, Vinegar and even over the counter stain removers are very dangerous to use on carpets and in most cases should never be used, especially without professional guidance.

Do other Carpet Cleaning Companies in Port Macquarie match up?

Port Crystal Cleaners is regularly contacted by customers in Port Macquarie to rectify the carpet cleaning performed by extremely cheap carpet cleaning services. More often than not, the technicians performing the work are inexperienced, Untrained and uninsured. As a standard, You should ensure that your carpet cleaning service offers the following:

  •  A current, valid ABN
  • Is trained & Qualified to perform the job correctly, Carpet Cleaning is quite complex and requires the right knowledge and experience to get the right results.
  • Meets Australian Standards for the Carpet Cleaning Industry
  • Are fully insured carpet cleaning business and can provide you with a current Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance
  • Have up to date, Commercial grade equipment and Chemistry. Anyone can go and buy a $1000 Carpet Cleaning Machine and some detergent from a store, But will they get the results that you expect when you are paying for a “Professional Carpet Cleaner”?

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Our Goal is Simple: Deliver Prompt and Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Port Macquarie

For over 20 years Port Crystal Cleaners has been providing a first class carpet cleaning service in Port Macquarie and Surrounding suburbs.

Not only do we perform structured routine Carpet Cleaning on a daily basis, We also perform professional Commercial Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and General Pest Control. Our love for carpet cleaning and dealing with the public is what sets us apart and it shows through our positive reviews and loyal customer base.

We guarantee from the initial phone call through to the end result, We WILL exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

How much does it cost to have a carpet professionally cleaned?

Costs can vary depending on depending on numerous things including carpet condition, soiling level, age and various other factors. For a free quote please enquire with one of our friendly staff.

Is steam cleaning the best way to clean carpets?

Carpet steam cleaning is widely recognised as the preferred method for deep cleaning carpets. The dirt, oils and soils are emulsified and extracted using very hot water and our state of the art machinery.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

People often call Hot Water Extraction different things including Shampooing, Steam Cleaning and Wet Cleaning but there are actually only 3 types of carpet cleaning. Hot Water Extraction, Encapsulation and Dry Fusion.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

It is recommended by most manufacturers that carpets should be professionally cleaned once per year. This does depend on the level of traffic and soiling and can vary.

How soon can you walk on carpet after cleaning?

Generally the carpet is dry 3-5 hours after being professionally cleaned. If required, We can provide disposable footwear covers that will allow you to walk on the carpet without leaving dirty marks until it is completely dry.

Can shampooing your carpet cause mould?

If done correctly, Shampooing your carpet will not cause any mould or mildew. In fact it is beneficial to have them cleaned professionally to remove any dirt, oils & soils that can eventually lead to germs & bacteria growing in your carpet.

25 Years of Experience
Offering Professional Cleaning Services:

Carpet Cleaning

We use only the highest quality cleaning chemistry to ensure the best possible long term result for your carpet

Commercial Cleaning

We provide structured cleaning services to suit your needs. With monthly on site inspections to ensure the quality of our work

Pest Control

We are able to safely identify & control other pests that may be lurking around your house such as Cockroaches, Spiders and more.

Flood Damage

24/7 Emergency service using state of the art restoration equipment for flood damage & flooded carpet water extraction

Upholstery Cleaning

We use the power of hot water to clean and extract any dirt and contaminants that may lie in your upholstery

Rug Cleaning

We have a dedicated rug washing plant in Port Macquarie’s industrial area, drop a rug off and collect it at your own convenience

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The equipment we use to clean Tiles & Grout is state of the art, once completed your Tiles will look like they are brand new

Pressure Cleaning

We have brand new, State of the art Pressure cleaning equipment which can yield up to 3000psi of high pressure power