Rug Cleaning Port Macquarie

Professional Rug Cleaning in Port Macquarie. When was the last time you had your rug cleaned? Port Crystal Cleaners is proud to offer a FREE home pick up / delivery Rug Cleaning Service in Port Macquarie!

When you have your rug washed you want to know that your investment is in capable hands. Our rug washing team Brendan, Daniel, Frank & Dan have over 70 years experience in the industry and are highly skilled, experienced and deliver first class results.

Our leading rug washing technician Brendan has been in the rug washing industry for over 10 years and Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning 8 years prior. Brendan is regarded as one of Australia’s most skilled and experienced rug washing technicians. He is a true perfectionist who loves getting the absolute best out of your rugs and the results will speak for themselves.


Frank Devine who previously owned Devine Rug & Carpet Care in Sydney for over 35 years has come aboard to train and mentor our staff and technicians. Frank is considered as one of Australia’s industry leaders in rug washing. His knowledge, experience, expertise and guidance will ensure that we deliver the safest and most exceptional results available.

Daniel & Dan have been working together cleaning Carpet, Tile, Upholstery and Rugs for Port Crystal Cleaners for nearly 10 years. Both have had experience with cleaning rugs and are working on their new craft each and every day.

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2/3 Uralla Rd, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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Expert Rug Cleaning Port Macquarie

Top Rated Rug Cleaners Port Macquarie

Having a dedicated Rug Washing facility in Port Macquarie’s industrial area offers our clients a unique service which allows you to drop your rug off and collect at your own convenience. We also offer FREE pick up & delivery making it even easier to get your rug professionally cleaned.

Our cleaning methods are tailored personally to each individual rug that is being washed, ensuring a safe and thorough clean personalised for your individual rug. Rugs can simply be dropped off at our office 2/3 Uralla Road, Port Macquarie (See Map Below). Booking is not required, However our office is only open between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm – Monday to Friday. You can also get in contact with us to arrange FREE pick up & delivery anywhere in the Port Macquarie hastings district.

Port Crystal Cleaners

2/3 Uralla Rd, Port Macquarie NSW 2444

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Our Extensive Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Service Port Macquarie

Rug Washing

Our high skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your rug to determine the construction type and plan a washing technique based on this report. Each rug is different and no standard cleaning process should apply because of this. We promise to effectively remove all of the dust, dirt and grime from your rug restoring it back to pristine condition.

We are able to clean all types of rugs including Chinese rugs, Turkish Rugs, Persian Rugs, Indian Rugs, Synthetic Rugs and even animal hides.

Our cleaning processes and equipment are cutting edge and our results speak for themselves..

We are also experts at stain treatment, Whether its red wine, blood, dye bleeding or urine damage you can trust us to deliver fantastic results safely.

    Professional Rug Cleaning Service Port Macquarie

    Urine Contamination

    Has your pet had an accident on your rug? We specialise in complete urine decontamination and stain treatment. Just cleaning the surface of your rug is not going to remove the urine. Also treatment of the urine with spotting agents, deodorisers and other home remedies only puts a band aid on the problem.

    We have a vast experience in dealing with pet urine in rugs. Although sometimes 100% stain removal cannot be achieved, We guarantee to remove 100% of the urine and its odour from the rug or we will happily refund you.

    Urine damaged rugs can have dye stability issues and it can also degrade the fibre so it is very important that you have an experienced rug washing technician complete the restoration of your rug. Luckily here at Port Crystal Cleaners we are more then capable of completing the job for you!

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      Maximum Rug Cleaning Service Port Macquarie

      Fiber Protection Application

      Your rug when new comes with a protective layer over the fiber which assists with basic stain removal. Over time this layer is worn off and needs to be re-applied professionally. We are able to re-apply a professional grade fiber protector to the rug which will resist the most common stains such as Red Wine, Cordial, Dyes and Ink. This product also prevents soils attaching to the fiber, keeping your rug cleaner and softer for longer.

      Rugs are generally ready for collection from 2/3 Uralla Rd, Port Macquarie after 24 to 48 hours. You will be sent a SMS or called when pickup is available. Our office is open between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday – Friday.

      Our Goal is Simple: Deliver Prompt and Professional Rug Cleaning Service in Port Macquarie

      For over 20 years Port Crystal Cleaners has been providing a first class rug cleaning service in Port Macquarie and Surrounding suburbs.

      Not only do we perform structured routine rug Cleaning on a daily basis, We also perform professional Commercial Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and General Pest Control. Our love for rug cleaning and dealing with the public is what sets us apart and it shows through our positive reviews and loyal customer base.

      We guarantee from the initial phone call through to the end result, We WILL exceed your expectations.

      Frequently Asked Rug Cleaning Questions

      How much does it cost to get a rug professionally cleaned?

      The cost of rug cleaning can vary on a number of things including soiling type, rug size, rug type etc. It is best that you ask us for a free estimate.

      How do professionals clean rugs?

      There are several different methods for professionally cleaning rugs. We generally use hot water extraction, immersion, Low moisture or Hand Washing. It really depends on what kind of rug you have and what kind of soiling is present in the rug. Please ask us for your free estimate.

      What is the best area rug cleaner?

      You are best to contact a professional to get your area rug cleaned. All rugs are different and need to be treated with care and with the right techniques to deliver a safe and acceptable clean.

      How do you dry a rug after cleaning?

      Your rug should be dried quickly after cleaning to prevent a number of issues that can arise from over wetting. Some of these are mould, mildew, bacteria, odour, staining, dye bleeding and cellulosic browning. It is best that you have your rug cleaned and dried by a professional.

      25 Years of Experience
      Offering Professional Cleaning Services:

      Carpet Cleaning

      We use only the highest quality cleaning chemistry to ensure the best possible long term result for your carpet

      Commercial Cleaning

      We provide structured cleaning services to suit your needs. With monthly on site inspections to ensure the quality of our work

      Pest Control

      We are able to safely identify & control other pests that may be lurking around your house such as Cockroaches, Spiders and more.

      Flood Damage

      24/7 Emergency service using state of the art restoration equipment for flood damage & flooded carpet water extraction

      Upholstery Cleaning

      We use the power of hot water to clean and extract any dirt and contaminants that may lie in your upholstery

      Rug Cleaning

      We have a dedicated rug washing plant in Port Macquarie’s industrial area, drop a rug off and collect it at your own convenience

      Tile & Grout Cleaning

      The equipment we use to clean Tiles & Grout is state of the art, once completed your Tiles will look like they are brand new

      Pressure Cleaning

      We have brand new, State of the art Pressure cleaning equipment which can yield up to 3000psi of high pressure power