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Moving House? Take advantage of our Carpet Cleaning & Flea Treatment Bundles! Most lease agreements state that if you have a pet, The house must have their carpets professionally cleaned and the premises must be treated for fleas. Here at Port Crystal Cleaners we can perform both tasks which means we can combine the costs to give you great savings across the board.

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Pest Control Port Macquarie

Top Rated Pest Control Port Macquarie

Our focus when providing pest control service is to keep the health & safety of our staff, clients, contractors and even the next tenants to move in at the highest level achievable.

We use a combination of 2x pesticides when treating for fleas. The pesticides that we have chosen to use are the safest on the market for this specific application. This means that the residual left behind is much safer for human and pet contact than some of the other products on the market, which to us is most important.

When we conduct the pest treatment, we treat both the interior and exterior (when applicable). We treat the adult fleas, their larvae and their eggs. If the house is infested with fleas, the adults will be killed on contact. The eggs & larvae will not reach genetic maturity which means that they will not be able to re-produce. They will then come in contact with the residual pesticide and die. This process can take 1 to 2 weeks. If the house is infested with fleas these time frames should be taken into consideration.

Vacuuming should be avoided until approx. 10-14 days after the treatment to ensure that pesticide contact with the targets is successful.

As a result of the above treatment, any spiders, cockroaches, ants or even bed bugs that come in contact with the treated areas will also likely be killed. Please note, although this has occurred, we haven’t treated the property accordingly for these pests unless noted on the invoice/receipt.

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Expert Pest Control Service Port Macquarie

Other Pest Control Treatments in Port Macquarie

We are also able to safely identify & control other pests that may be lurking around your house such as Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents and more.

Re-Entry Period
Once the treatment has dried it is completely safe for both humans and animals to enter the house again. This generally takes 3 to 5 hours.

Health and Safety
All our staff who have carried out the above procedure are licensed general pest controllers. We do so strictly following the NSW Pesticides act 1999. Should you require a copy of our SWMS (Safe work method statements) SDS (Safety Data Sheets) or a copy of the pesticide label, our operator will have these onsite or a copy can be emailed on request. On completion of the job a risk assessment will be emailed to the client in accordance with the above act. For a copy of our Carpet Cleaning & Flea Spraying policy.

Download our Carpet & Flea Spray Policy

Pest Control Service Port Macquarie

Professional Cockroach Treatments

For Cockroach treatments, we use a combination of liquid sprays, baiting gels and insecticidal dusts.

Some of the areas that we may apply the treatments are around the edges of your house, entry points such as weep holes etc. Inside the roof cavity and in nooks and crevices, We may use an insecticidal dust. In the kitchen cupboards we use a gel bait which is less intrusive and a safer option.

This saves you having to empty the cupboards out prior to treatment. We are also likely to perform a skirting board treatment and treat the wet areas of the house with a liquid residual spray. Generally this treatment will last 9 to 12 months and all work is guaranteed.

Our Goal is Simple: Deliver Prompt and Professional Pest Control Service in Port Macquarie

For over 20 years Port Crystal Cleaners has been providing a first class pest control service in Port Macquarie and Surrounding suburbs.

Not only do we perform structured routine pest control on a daily basis, We also perform professional Commercial Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning and General Pressure Cleaning. Our love for pest control and dealing with the public is what sets us apart and it shows through our positive reviews and loyal customer base.

We guarantee from the initial phone call through to the end result, We WILL exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

How much is a pest control service?

The cost of a pest control service can vary depending on what kind of pests you have, the size of the property and what treatments or services are required.

What chemicals do professional pest control companies use?

There is a wide variety of pesticides that can be used. The pesticides that are used are tailored to your needs and to the property type / pest type.

What are the 3 methods of pest control?

The 3 main methods of pest control are extermination, removal and prevention. Pest control isn’t always just spraying the property with pesticides, In fact it should be the opposite. A good pest controller will always recommend prevention first before the use of removal or extermination.

What is the most common method of pest control?

This widely depends on what the target pest is that is being controlled. Generally speaking the spraying of a residual pesticide is the most commonly used method of pest control.

What does pest control include?

Pest control can include a number of things. Here at Port Crystal Cleaners we use a combination of sprays, dusts and gel baits to get control of your every day pests.

How long does pest control spray last?

This depends on the area being treated and the environment that it is in. Generally a good residual pesticide will last between 9-12 months. If you have a heavy downpour or pressure clean the outside of your house, This can be effected in a negative way as the residual chemical is washed away.

Is pest control spray dangerous?

Yes and No. When conducted in accordance with the EPA’s guidelines and the product label the use of pesticides is quite safe. It is imperative that all guidelines are met and understood by all parties who will come in direct contact with the pesticide before, during or after the treatment.

Do bugs come out after spraying?

Generally speaking you will see an increase in pests after a spray. The reason being that they have picked up a lethal dose of the pesticide and wonder out to die. Normally they would be hiding out of sight. Some pesticides actually attract the pest also which leads to more sightings, but keeping in mind this is how it is intended to work!

Is it normal to see roaches after spraying?

Yes! It is quite normal to see cockroaches after a treatment. The treatment has more then likely driven them out of their nest / hiding spot or has lured them out to the pesticide.

Should I mop after pest control?

No, It is not recommended that you mop your house directly after a pest control treatment has been completed. The emulsion needs time to chemically bond to the surface to create a barrier. If this is washed off before the bond can happen the treatment can be unsuccessful.

Is it safe to stay home after pest control?

Absolutely. Always be guided by your licensed pest controller. Generally 3-5 hours after the treatment has been completed it is perfectly safe for you and your family to be in the house.

25 Years of Experience
Offering Professional Cleaning Services:

Carpet Cleaning

We use only the highest quality cleaning chemistry to ensure the best possible long term result for your carpet

Commercial Cleaning

We provide structured cleaning services to suit your needs. With monthly on site inspections to ensure the quality of our work

Pest Control

We are able to safely identify & control other pests that may be lurking around your house such as Cockroaches, Spiders and more.

Flood Damage

24/7 Emergency service using state of the art restoration equipment for flood damage & flooded carpet water extraction

Upholstery Cleaning

We use the power of hot water to clean and extract any dirt and contaminants that may lie in your upholstery

Rug Cleaning

We have a dedicated rug washing plant in Port Macquarie’s industrial area, drop a rug off and collect it at your own convenience

Tile & Grout Cleaning

The equipment we use to clean Tiles & Grout is state of the art, once completed your Tiles will look like they are brand new

Pressure Cleaning

We have brand new, State of the art Pressure cleaning equipment which can yield up to 3000psi of high pressure power